Five dried flower decor ideas for your home

If you decided to incorporate dried botanicals into your home decor, you will love them for years to come! Here are 5 different dried flower arrangements you can add to your home.

  1. Dried flowers in vases

You can arrange your dried flowers as minimalistic or as elaborate as you like. Dried pampas grass for example are very popular with small colourful dried flower arrangements creating a rustic look.

Dried flowers in vases are perfect for brightening up a quiet corner. The ideal addition for a bedside table, console table, bookshelf or an office desk.

  1. Dried flower wreaths

It is a common misconception that wreaths are only used at Christmas. Oh how wrong can you be. Dried flower wreaths look stunning in every season adding some rustic vibes to your home.

Dried flower wreaths have become incredibly popular not only to hang on your front door but also to decorate your interior walls and chimney breasts as well as making wonderful wedding decor.

Sudan grass, caspia, statice, oats and eucalyptus leaves are perfect to brighten up any room and add spring and summer vibes. Sunflowers and straw flowers on the other hand, offer a moody autumn feel.

  1. Framed dried flowers

Dried and pressed flowers can also be displayed for everyone to see in a frame bringing colour and texture to your home. Put your flower arranging skills to the test and create unique pieces of art or create a keep’s sake with flowers from a special occasion like an anniversary or wedding.

Framing dried flowers is affordable and relatively easy. Whether the dried flowers are pressed into a double-sided glass frame or mounted in a box frame they would make a thoughtful gift for someone you care about as well as a home decor masterpiece.

  1. Dried flower garland

Perfect for draping over a landing banister, mantelpiece or a hallway mirror, flower garlands are a unique way to decorate your home and make a characterful statement!

Dried flower garlands are lightweight and are easy to hang, they are also a lot simpler to make than they look. Why not try and re-purpose flowers from a wedding or other special occasions into a dried flower garland.

  1. Dried flowers in jars

After drying your own beautiful flowers, try layering them inside a glass jar or bottle that you can place anywhere in your home for decoration, Beauty and the Beast anyone?

Also, re-purposing your flowers and empty jars / bottles like this is another little way we can help the environment by producing less waste.