A tale of doors and doorstops

When my wife and I decided that the hallway in our apartment, which has no windows, needed some natural light the search began for ideas and inspiration as to how we could make this a reality.
Before we bought our apartment we lived in a rented property on the first and second floor of an old Victorian house. The flat had transom windows above the kitchen, reception and bedroom doors and its these windows that gave us our first idea.
With south – west facing windows in our open plan kitchen/reception we thought that installing a transom window above the entrance to this room would make the most sense.
The second idea was to replace the door to the kitchen/reception with a glass door to maximise the amount of light reaching the hallway and our plants that reside within.
With a plan in mind we started our search for a company who would be able to create the door and internal window. One of the first companies we came across was Black Steel Doors and we were blown away from the very start.
The Black Steel Doors showroom, which also doubles as their headquarters, is simply stunning. A beautiful mix of exposed steel beams and brickwork bathed in light from the enormous double height skylights.
Over a cup of coffee and a couple of biscuits we were given a full demonstration of the range of beautiful doors and immediately fell in love with the sliding steel door and decided to proceed.
After our door and window were installed, Ewelina the CEO of Black Steel Doors, got in touch with us as she wanted to come by with her photographer to take some marketing pictures as well as to have a look at the finished product.
On Ewilenas visit she noticed a couple of our handmade doorstops dotted around the apartment and complemented us on the design and quality. Ewelina also introduced Tanio Home and our doorstops to the world via an Instagram live stream.
We were contacted by Black Steels Doors a few weeks later with an idea. A collaboration between themselves and Tanio Home to make a collection of unique doorstops to be given away to customers as a gift on completion.
A by chance coming together of two very different companies in Black Steel Doors and Tanio Home and an idea that, I suppose, was just meant to be. 
Door and doorstop, the perfect pair.